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Dec 22, 2012 1:00pm EST
appointments? >> guest: no republican president has had any luck. i think roe v. wade was an outrageous decision. there is no way you can get it out of the constitution. you have to get it to the ballot box if you want to -- in fact, people were getting it to the ballot box at the time. but your -- i've lost, your question was? >> host: um -- [laughter] lost it for a moment too. one of the questions -- you did bring up another question. >> guest: oh, about nixon. >> host: yeah. he was a tremendously hard worker and student of all kinds of affairs. and i didn't often, i often thought that he was not conservative enough for my taste. it was funny because he was, he thought that all professors were liberals, and he knew i wasn't, but he couldn't really believe it. [laughter] and, well, as a matter of fact, when we left camp david, when i left him, he said it's just too bad you went to yale. i said, i didn't go to yale, i went to the university of chicago. he said, that's almost as bad. he did not like the establishment, as we might call it. but he was an enormously capable man and capable
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1